What shall I do with Jesus?

###Pilate asked them, “What should I do with Jesus who is called the Messiah?” Matt. 27:22

Pontius Pilate said it first but it applies to each of us today

Pilate washed his hands of Jesus (Matt 27:24). Have you done the same?
Have you decided that you don’t need Him and dismissed your one true hope?
Have you called Him “Lord” and then put Him aside to continue your life the way you wanted?

Maybe you’re “not ready” to answer this question.
That’s okay the question will stay right there until it is answered.
But when would you rather answer it… now when it applies to the future or at the end when it applies to the past?

Maybe this doesn’t apply because you love Him dearly.
He said “If you love me then obey me” – so do you really love Him?
How does your life measure up to Galatians 2:20?
(By the way don’t think because I am writing this that I escape it – I fall as short as anyone does!)

Maybe you answered it yesterday, last week, last year.
Doesn’t mean you can ignore it today.

####What shall I do with Jesus?
One day we shall all stand alone before the throne of Almighty God and how we answered this question daily will be remembered.
What will happen then?

Will it be said that we responded with joy and thankfulness when He sent some dear soul to tell us about Him ?
Will we be able to freely and humbly admit that we served Him with all we have?
Will it be shown that as He was not ashamed to wear our sins as wounds we were not ashamed to portray him in our lives?
Will it be noted that we turned our lives around and gave up everything to seek only to serve and love Him each day?
Or will it be said that we scoffed and ridiculed others when all they were doing was showing His love for us?
Will we hang our heads as we admit that we were too embarassed to admit we loved Him?
Will it be shown that we were too ashamed of the gospel to ignore the ridicule and risk of rejection and tell others about that love?
Will it be noted that we worshipped and prayed on Sundays but filled our lives with things we knew would distract our lives from serving Him?

####What shall I do with Jesus?
If He is your Saviour then ask yourself this…
If you met him today, how would your service of Jesus read? _”Full of action through faith”_ or _”Full of intention and waste”_?
Have you today done all that you can for Him?
Sounds harsh? Well how harsh will it sound if He says “I never knew you”?

####What shall I do with Jesus?
_It’s time to answer…_