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Crimperman.org now on Android and iPhone!

This site runs on the excellent WordPress blogging software. As you may know I also use Twitter and have an Android-based phone. Now thanks to Stephen Fry, I (and anybody else out there with an Android phone or iPhone) can read this site in a simpler and quicker loading version from their mobiles. I’ve just […]

Using KDE dialogs in Firefox and Thunderbird

As you may have guessed I use both GNU/Linux ([Debian](http://www.debian.org)) and [Firefox](http://ww.getfirefox.com) at work and home. Within Debian I use the KDE desktop and for some time it has bugged me no end that firefox (and Thunderbird for that matter) use the GTK dialogs (as used in GNOME. Now there’s nothing wrong with these per-se […]