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Grace – still amazing

In sharing the story of Mrs Machin’s forgiveness of the driver who killed her husband I have encountered a broad range of responses: ranging from “I’m not sure I could do that.” to “But that just sends the message that you can get away with it. Whatever else it’s good to see that grace not only exists but is still amazing and – by it’s very nature – shocking.

Thy will be gun

For some reason non-Christians expect more of us than we often expect of ourselves. In this video Maher says: “If you ignore every thing Jesus commanded you to do then you’re not his followers, you’re just fans” and he’s right.

Judge not…

How often do we write someone off, dismiss and belittle them on first sight. Christian’s have a reputation in some quarters of being narrow-minded, judgemental and holier-than-thou. Ever wonder how we got that reputation?

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