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How ever will the church survive?

It was the work, not the movement which changed the world. And it wasn’t the wise people at the top who did the work nor the wiser people in the middle. It wasn’t even the rest of the people. It was all of the people who did it. There was no special requirement, no training course, no length of service or special status to achieve before a person could do this work. All they needed was to see it, to hear it and to do it.


A short while ago I was told I am very evangelical. This was not a reference to a political or theological stance (as the word Evangelical – note the capitalisation – appears to mean these days) but to the fact that when I find something I like or I think is good I won’t shut up about it.

Grace – still amazing

In sharing the story of Mrs Machin’s forgiveness of the driver who killed her husband I have encountered a broad range of responses: ranging from “I’m not sure I could do that.” to “But that just sends the message that you can get away with it. Whatever else it’s good to see that grace not only exists but is still amazing and – by it’s very nature – shocking.


A good friend of mine ran a project recently to capture a day of life on 10th November 2012. For those in the UK (and other places) the shorthand form for this is 10-11-12 – hence the name of the project. Below is a video I made of the photos I took on that day.

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