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A new children’s ebook

As you may know I am a self-published author of children’s books and children’s ebooks. You can find out all of that at my publishing site – Crimperbooks.co.uk. I published a short story on there called “Face to face with the gorilla king” on a part by part basis. It’s about a boy who goes […]

A new book – Do not feed the Troll!

If you haven’t heard by other means already I am pleased to announce my latest children’s book Do not feed the Troll! has been published. It’s book two in what has become The Roboteers series (book one being Sugar the Robot and the race to save the Earth) and is about a family who move […]

Another book/free ebook???

Those who follow my Crimperbooks blog (what you mean you don’t? Shame on you!) will know this already but hot on the heels of my first self-published novel comes another. Do not feed the troll is the story of a family that move house only to find a troll living under the lawn in their […]

It’s alive! The book is available

People who follow me in various places will probably be fed up of reading this by now so apologies but for those who haven’t heard, my children’s book: Sugar the Robot and the race to save the Earth is now available for download and to buy. So if you have,know or are a 6-10 year […]

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