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It’s alive! The book is available

People who follow me in various places will probably be fed up of reading this by now so apologies but for those who haven’t heard, my children’s book: Sugar the Robot and the race to save the Earth is now available for download and to buy. So if you have,know or are a 6-10 year […]

Self-publishing, D-day approaches

Some of you will know that I am currently in the process of self-publishing a book. It’s a children’s novel called Sugar and the race to save the Earth (aimed at 6 to 10 year olds) and it will be available as a free eBook under a Creative Commons licence. Those who have been kind enough to follow the Twitter feed and/or like the Facebook page will be aware that the book is now with the publishing platform and the day for launch is fast approaching.

Supporting free culture projects (Guest post)

Lunatics is a story about the first permanent settlement on the Moon. Politics are inevitable, physics is implacable, and the colonists are indomitable fanatics. After all,
normal people don’t really colonize new worlds, do they? The series and all the original source material will be released under Creative Commons

Christians and copyright: why can’t we share?

Those who know me will know I care about freedom – a lot. I [use it in my work](http://www.equitasit.co.uk) and I have [written about it here](https://crimperman.org/tag/freedom/). I am particularly concerned about freedom within the Church. For too long now there has been a growing trend of possessiveness within the Church. Driven by some kind of […]

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