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A Christian country? No thanks.

On Monday 14th April, David Cameron made a statement that the UK is a “Christian country”. This, following on the back of his claim to be continuing the work of Jesus, created considerable fuss in the traditional media and, of course, social media. Apart from the fact that we seem to be in a rut […]

Heaven – cartoon

Pearls before swine is one of my current favourite cartoons. This one appeared in a free newspaper today and it particularly made me smile. I like the reference to “Life’s big questions” if you know what I mean? 😉

Nativity factor

For the past few years a competition has run for short videos retelling the story of the nativity (or part of it). The deadline for entries for this year has passed and voting will begin soon. In the meantime I would like to go on record by saying that they’d have to go a long […]

Crimpertoon: Irony – updated

In light of recent “newspaper stories” about the church, I’ve done a new Crimpertoon. Update 28 Nov 2013: It would seem that irony is catching. Look at this quote I saw in the paper today: “Britain ought to be a country of freedom and tolerance..” That was said by the “Christian” B+B owners who turned […]

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