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Internet blocking will still not protect our children

The government is holding a consultation for a proposed new law which it says will protect children while using the internet. This proposal follows a campaign called SafetyNet. The campaign and now the consultation is about requiring Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to “[block] pornography and other content at network level whilst giving adults a choice to ‘opt-in’ to this content”. This proposal won’t work and if anything could put children at greater risk. Here’s why…

Time to stop the Snooping charter before it starts

The Communication Data Bill is yet another poorly thought out that attempt to monitor what everybody is doing and thus keep an eye on all of us – innocent or not. I appreciate there will be some purported legitimate reasons for wanting to monitor certain people for particular reasons but there’s a pretty decent chance that anyone who is using the Internet for criminal activity (and copyright infringement is not a crime) will already work around the bits where they leave a trace. This bill must be stopped.

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