New look – new style – new site has been around in some form or other since 1996. When it started this was my only web presence and I was able to give it quite a bit of time. As time has gone by, other things have taken more time and so this site has suffered. I don’t want to drop it as I like having a personal – as opposed to professional – space to write. So welcome to the new

### What’s changed
The site is now really a blog. I’ve moved the whole thing over to the excellent [Wordpress]( which is of course [free software]( This means more of the site will be what used to be the writing section. I’ve removed the downloads section altogether as it was largely Scripture Reminder and that product has now been discontinued. I may resurrect it in the future but I think there are plenty of better ways to get a daily scripture – er – reminder online. You can even get them sent to your mobile phone so the need for a small pop-up when your computer starts is minimal. The wallpapers are still there but the desktop themes have gone. Both the themes and Scripture Reminder were designed for Windows 98 and I’ve not used Windows much myself since then so I’ve never gotten around to reworking them for later version of Windows. The wallpapers will work on pretty much any system. Noah & Sons is also still here and will continue to do so. You’ll find both that and the wallpapers in the [artwork](/artwork/) section.

One thing that is new is that you can comment on the posts now. If something you see here stirs up a comment, feel free to add it.

### Change in licencing
Everything on this site used to be released under a Charityware licence. I’ve now changed that to Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike licence for the text and Attribution-Share-Alike-Non Commercial for all the artwork. See the [legal](/legal) page for full details.