New ventures

You may have noticed that it’s been a bit quiet round here lately – sorry about that. I’m a bit busy setting up a new venture. Equitas IT Solutions is an organisation (without formal status yet so just me being self-employed for now) which aims to provide voluntary and community organisations (such as charities and churches) with IT solutions that are fit for purpose, cost-effective and use a balanced approach. “Fairness, quality, freedom” is our mantra by which we mean you get a fair deal, quality service and freedom to choose, use and enjoy your IT.

The human equivalent of all that is that I have grown tired of the amount of times I see charities, churches and small businesses “sold” IT solutions which are not always in their best interest. Sometimes this is because they’ve not fully understood what they’re asking for, sometimes it’s about “compatibility” which usually means “what everybody else uses” and in the worst cases it’s about getting a quick sale. I’m not saying all or even most IT providers are built this way but my experience tells me there are fewer that are not than there probably should be. Certainly I think there’s room for some fairness in the way this kind of things happens. Examples? a small charity was quoted £30000 to develop and host a website with 12 pages and a small business quoted £18000 to replace an “ageing” (e.g. four years old) fileserver and five PCs (which may not have been needed).

Nip over to the Equitas IT Solutions website (which is a little sparse at present I’ll admit) if you want to know more. No matter what your size we are happy to help.