Quick survey: How do you feel that “God is watching you”

This is a very quick (3 questions) survey about the phrase “God is watching you”. I’m not asking for contact details, I won’t track you and I won’t pass any of your details to anyone else (mostly because I’m not asking for or storing them). I may compile the results of this survey into a blog post at a later date but for the moment it’s just a bit of anecdotal research for a talk I am giving.

I appreciate some of the questions may be a bit deeper than the simple answers I give but this is not a deep discussion just as quick survey on your gut feeling. I won’t be using this to suggest that “people” feel one way or the other but I will be using it to suggest that people who responded here answered one way or another. 🙂

The poll is now closed. Thanks to all those who responded. I will post results here soon.