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I write stories and novels – usually science fiction and more often than not aimed at children. I’ve always enjoyed creative writing and story-telling. A few years back we were having a story-telling session in our family and I told a story of a toy robot that came alive, escaped from its owner’s bedroom and ran off whilst caught up in some laundry

My children loved it and asked for me to expand on it. I did and then they asked if we could make it into a “real” book. I’d heard of self-publishing (I wasn’t looking to sell this book just get one or two printed copies) and so I investigated further.

Cover of my award-winning book Do not feed the troll
My award-winning children’s novel

In 2013, Sugar the Robot and the race to save the Earth was released, followed by several short stories and then Do not feed the Troll!. That won an award and so it seemed my writing hobby took on legs of its own. I now write and publish under the moniker of Crimperbooks.

So here’s the thing: I’m not in this to make a lot of money* and I believe in freedom and particularly sharing of stories. The combination of those things led me to release my stories under Creative commons licences (similar to this blog). So you have my permission to download, share and even create your own stories using any of my stories and books. If you want a “real/physical/paper” book then you can get one, if you want to read it on your e-reader, smartphone, tablet or web browser you can do that too.

Posts from Crimperbooks

I’ve included a list of the most recent blog posts from Crimperbooks below. So feel free to browse, read, download, buy and share the stories from there.

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