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Scientists? What do *they* know?

I applaud the honesty in scientists stating a simple “we don’t know” where applicable (if only Christians would do the same instead of spouting off about “why” something happened the way it did) but what bothers me is the way in which science is often reported. Yes this is not the scientists fault but plenty of amateur scientists and media reports often spout scientific _theory_ as fact. I find this concerning. If science can’t determine the role or function of a part of a currently living species, why do we so often hear _theory_ about the behaviour and fate of extinct species portrayed as fact?

Second time parents

Following my first time parents post in November, I am pleased to announce that we are now second time parents. My daughter was born in May and is very healthy and beautiful. When I posted the original stuff about how first time parents can be overwhelming for those around them, I figured that second time […]

The mystery of blogging

My experiment in blogging is now …let’s see…163 days old and I have posted a grand total of nine posts (incuding this one). Not what you’d call prolific is it? I have to say that I find the concept of blogging intriguing. Most personal websites in the late 90’s consisted of minimal interest stuff like […]

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