Announcing new cartoon series – Crimpertoons

Some of you may know that I am a cartoonist. By that I mean I draw cartoons, sometimes I have been paid for them but being paid for them does not make you a cartoonist – drawing them does.

I have hosted some cartoons here under the guise of Noah & Sons for some years but to be perfectly frank, that particular well has run dry recently. For some time now had an idea for a new series of cartoons not based on a a particular character or with a particular theme. I am happy to announce that I have now found a scrap of time to produce the first Crimpertoon! You can see it below.

Christian responses to Hallowe'en

Subscribing to these toons

If you want to always get the latest crimpertoon post in your browser or RSS reader then you can subscribe to this link.

I can’t promise these will be done with any regularity but I hope to produce many more. As with everything else on this site you are free to copy and distribute these cartoons – and even use them in your church publications just as long as you don’t charge for or make money from those publications. If in doubt just ask. See the Legal page for full details.

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  1. I love it, it makes a wonderful addition to my thoughts on Halloween, thanks for permission to use it

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