Sponsor the Great London Loo Hunt!

Update: The Great London Loo Hunt was a roaring success! Supported by family and friends, Leah found 30 public toilets and covered 15 miles over 8 hours.

Outside the last toilet we visited

Best of all, through the kindness of supporters, she raised over £1000 to fund toilets where they desperately need them. That’s two toilet blocks for schools, two single toilets and the rest went towards Toilet Twinning’s work with sanitation and health in the developing world.

Thank you if you sponsored her. If you are reading this after the fact and are inspired to help then do so: do your own sponsored event, twin your home, office, school, church, community centre or other toilet or raise awareness. It all helps.

This is my daughter Leah and she is trying to raise money to sponsor a toilet block in the developing world. She’ll be sponsoring it through the registered UK charity Toilet Twinning. Please consider sponsoring her as she tries to save lives.

On 13th October 2018, Leah will be embarking on the Great London Loo Hunt. This is a walk (at least 11 miles) around London to try and visit as many of the public toilets as we can in one day. I’ll be going with her so if you sponsor her you’ll be sponsoring my pain as well 🙂

You can find out more at her JustGiving page

If you are in the UK you can sponsor her by text message..

Simply text “LOOS58” followed by £2/£5/£10 to 70071 so “LOOS58 £5” will sponsor hwr by £5.

The money will come from your phone credit. UK only.

Why the Great London Loo Hunt is taking place

Poster for the Great London Loo Hunt

  • 2.3 billion (about 1 in 3) people on earth don’t have somewhere safe, clean and hygienic to go to the loo.
  • Aside from the sanitary and health risks of going just anywhere there is the risk for insect and snake bites
  • Women and girls are particularly vulnerable as going to the loo among some bushes puts them at high risk to sexual assault
  • Toilet Twinning is a charity where you “twin” a toilet with one in the developing world for a one-off cost of £60
  • They give you a certificate and co-ordinates for the loo you have sponsored
  • Leah is trying to raise at least £240 to sponsor an entire school toilet block although if she achieves that (she’s close now) she plans on doubling her target.

I can’t say how proud we are of Leah and we would be very grateful if you could spare her a few quid to save lives and she hunts for the loo in London!