New poem: Roots


How deep do my roots go, how far do I let you reach?

Do they reach beyond my mind, do I let you roam in my thoughts?

Do they expand through my vision, do I let you show me you what you see?

Do they stretch as wide as my arms, do I let you guide my actions?

Do they burrow below the surface of my heart,  do I let you show me how to love?

Do they plunge the depths of my very soul, do I let you settle down and redecorate?

How deep do my roots go?

Far enough?

Strong enough?

Wide enough?

Long enough?

Can I ever make them that?

No,  but they only need to reach to you, to intertwine with you,  to become inseparable from you, to become part of you.

I am reaching towards you Lord. I am breaking my own barriers. I am stretching, knowing you go further and glad you got here first.

Roam in my thoughts, Lord.
Show me what you see.
Guide my actions.
Show me how to love.
Redecorate my soul.
Make me part of you