You helped this lovely little boy sleep safely!

This is Gabriel, he’s a happy, smiley little boy who is fast approaching 3 years old. His parents, Scott and Melissa are friends of mine and he has an older brother and a younger sister.

Update : 18 Dec 2015 The goal for the campaign has been reached! Thank you to all who donated and promoted this.

Gabriel has a medical condition which means sleeping without coming to harm is hard but for £2000 his parents can get him a safety sleeper to help him do that. You helped them do that.

This is Gabriel, he’s nearly three and has a smile that melts hearts from 100 paces

When Gabriel was 3 months old he was diagnosed with Smith Magenis Syndrome (SMS) which is a disability caused by an abnormal chromosome. With the syndrome comes behavioural problems, cognitive impairment and self injury. As well as significant sleep problems. He wakes a lot throughout the night and for long periods of time.  Gabriel has never slept through the night and is unlikely to ever do so. Gabriel, in common with other SMS sufferers I believe, doesn’t really have the mechanisms we do when he gets hurt either. Where we may pull away or protest about pain, he will not and of course with that comes increased risk of serious harm to this lovely boy.

Your donations helped Gabriel be safe in bed by helping his parents get a safety sleeper. [See here for more].

As with any child approaching 3 years old, Gabriel’s parents will soon have to get him a bed. It’s a big moment for anyone to move from a cot into their first bed but for Gabriel it has a potential risk because of his SMS. Because he wakes every night and because he will be in a bed and he won’t stay in it his parents won’t have any peace of mind that he is safe.

The good news is that there are safety sleepers – like the one shown here – for just this kind of scenario and getting one of these would mean Gabriel can sleep safely and the family can even go on holidays because it is (reasonably) portable.

The bad news is they cost £2000 and that is money Scott and Melissa just don’t have but you might have. They set up a fundraising page to raise the money to help keep Gabriel safe at night. I know we all have a lot of draw on our funds at the moment but I want to thank you for giving something towards this. Your generosity will make a difference that my mere words could not begin to express. Thank you.

Melissa is a talented artist as well and so everyone who donated at least £10 will be entered into a draw to win a one-off painting by her. Regular updates on the progress of the painting, “a leopard sleeping”, will be posted on the fundraising page.

Thank you for helping this lovely family, I know there are a lot of these types of requests. This one means a lot to me because I know them and that my friends helped them means a lot to me too. I’ll leave the final word to his mum, Melissa:-

Gabriel is a beautiful little boy and I wish we could provide everything he needs but we [need help] for this special bed. We will be grateful for any contribution at all. Thank you for taking the time to read our story.