A new children’s ebook

As you may know I am a self-published author of children’s books and children’s ebooks. You can find out all of that at my publishing site – Crimperbooks.co.uk.

The cover of the new Kindle Book
The cover of the new Kindle Book. Superb photo CC:By Dominic Bartsch

I published a short story on there called “Face to face with the gorilla king” on a part by part basis. It’s about a boy who goes to the zoo with his family and suddenly finds himself whisked to another world full of speaking animals who expect him to compete in a battle for them.

The full story has now been published and I just wanted to let you know that you can now get it on your kindle device or app. It’s around 12,000 words which equates to about 40 pages. The cheapest I can offer it for on Kindle is 99p* so I’ve set it as that. You can of course read it for free on the Crimperbooks website as well.