We have a vengeful God – perception

Personally I don’t believe we have a vengeful God but that’s not what this post is about. I watched a TV documentary on Amazon earlier this week. As part of it they examined the effect of Amazon’s e-book self-publishing arm on others in the publishing industry as a whole. (It’s a fairly interesting programme which manages to only occasionally become a licence-fee paid for advert.)

The video below should start at what one publisher says his industry feels about Amazon and its CEO Jeff Bezos:

If it doesn’t start the right point it’s at 40 minutes in and lasts for about 23 seconds. Either way here’s a transcript:

  • Publisher: “Publishers think about Jeff Bezos sort of like they might think about God: as a kind of very distant, inaccessible figure who is all-powerful and all-knowing.”
  • Interviewer: “But God loves us?”
  • Publisher: “Yes but God is vengeful.”

A distant, inaccessible, all-powerful, all-knowing figure who may be loving but is vengeful. Would you like somebody you love to be described like that?

Yes, it’s one person’s view. Yes, they do not represent or claim to represent anyone else but, whether we like it or not, the only reason anyone may have that perception of God is because we – his representatives – gave it to them.

We have much work ahead of us.