Another book/free ebook???

Those who follow my Crimperbooks blog (what you mean you don’t? Shame on you!) will know this already but hot on the heels of my first self-published novel comes another.

The cover of the book
The cover of my next book

Do not feed the troll is the story of a family that move house only to find a troll living under the lawn in their back garden. At first they think the troll is cute and funny but things never stay that way. Soon it takes over their whole lives and they realise they should have heeded the warning they found with it: DO NOT FEED THE TROLL!

As ever the book will be available to buy in paperback and Kindle (and on Google books if I can ever figure out how the heck they want me to add it to their listings) as well as free ebooks (Creative commons downloadable ones).

To stay in touch with the progress check out the book’s page on the Crimperbooks website.

I have to say I am really chuffed with how the Sugar the Robot book was received and it is partly that (and the fact that I seem to have caught a writing bug) which has lead to not only this new story but the beginnings of a new Sugar the Robot book and another book as well.