Spreading myself thin – other writings

A few people have recently mentioned they’ve seen my posts and writings elsewhere. Some asked if I had a list of other places I write. To be honest the thought never occurred to me that people might want to read what I wrote. Mostly I write because it gives me an outlet and something to do 🙂

Anyway here’s a list of other places you may or may not have seen stuff I write/do.

BigBible Digidisciple
I have been writing monthly posts for the big Bible project for a few months now. Mostly they will be related to being a Christian and being online and connecting that to a particular book of the Bible. There a list of the more recent digidisciple posts on the sidebar to the right.

  • Confronting online behaviour 6 Oct 2013: “Recently a friend of mine, lets call him Nathan, found himself in a difficult situation. Someone he thought he knew well, let’s call him David, shared a Facebook post which […]”
  • Learning to listen  6 Sep 2013: “When I first started work – in  a drawing office – I was handed over to a senior draughtsman to be taken under his wing. They had stopped official apprenticeships […]
  • Gleaning hope from social media 6 Aug 2013: “Someone once said if you want to see humanity at it’s worst, observe it behind the wheel of a car. Recently it’s felt like you can get a much clearer […]
  • Broken servers and rash promises 6 Jul 2013: “The server was down, broke, busted, it was an ex-server. Bereft of proper config it served no files and it was down to me to fix it. Of course as […]
  • Measure twice, cut once – bold declarations, The Apprentice and Joshua 6 Jun 2013: “If you grew up in a Christian environment there’s a good chance you can finish the sentence “As for me and my house..” – particularly if your growing up included […]”
  • Not abandoned  8 May 2013: “Tony, a friend at church, has recently retired from restoring classic cars – Austin 1100s to be precise. He has a passion for it and he still has one car […]”
Unless you’ve been on the moon (or don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook) you’ll know that I have written a children’s novel and self-publish it through the Crimperbooks site. The bok, Sugar the Robot and the race to save the Earth is available under Creative Commons licence for free and you can buy it in paperback and on Kindle. More books are to follow but as well as that I also blog short stories and other interesting, book-related things on a blog over there.Selected posts:

  • Short story – Waiting at the bus stop What superpower would you most like to have? It was raining. It always rained after craft club. Alice hated that because it meant her artwork either got wet or crumpled as she tried to stuff it in her bag for protection. She looked at Jack who was […]
  • How can you get paid if you give your work away? A question that often comes up when I tell people that my books are available under Creative Commons is “how can you get paid if you give your work away?” It’s interesting and very relevant but not very easy to answer. Creative Commons? If you weren’t already aware Creative Commons is a licence for artistic […]
  • How to create a free children’s book A few people have asked me what tools I used to create my book. I wrote a blog post on my personal blog about this shortly before the launch and in case you missed it I thought I’d link to it from here too. In brief: I used free and open source software throughout I […]
  • How to promote a free book You’d think it would be easy wouldn’t you? Make a free book available to download and add in freedom to copy and distribute it as much as you want – you should have people flocking to your door? Except as with everything it’s not that simple. Firstly the web is huge, no it’s bigger than […]