Poem – Say

Image by C.G.P. Gray CC:By

As said, I was at Spring Harvest recently and spent some time in the Create Zone. One of the leaders of that zone was, the talented, Jo Dolby who – among other things – is a poet. Jo read some of her poetry including this one which I found really inspiring.

So I had a go myself – this is the result based on one of the themes of the event – Say: speaking the gospel to those around us. If I get a chance I’ll record myself speaking this.


Say. Say the words that make it better.
Pressure’s on – every word, every letter
has to be just right, to shine the light
that changes live, opens eyes, that can make this person realise
just who you are, how much you care.
For if I don’t say them, how will they hear?
How will they know, where will they go?

But I can’t find the words that matter.
I stumble, I fumble – it’s all just chatter!
My words are weak, too simple, I blunder.
No depth, no breadth, no help? No wonder!
For who would find any hope at all
in a bunch of common words from a fool?

But that’s my language, these words are mine.
They’re all I have – those and my time.
And if all I can do is be myself, is that ok?
It’s not that hard to be who I am but are these
simple, stupid words I say enough
to change lives, open eyes to make a person realise
just who you are, how much you care?

Maybe they are. Is it true that even they – when used by you
could help someone find some hope, find the truth that helps me cope?
Say. Say the words that make it better?
I don’t know but does it matter? To say the words that encourage me,
these simple, stupid words, so free, could be enough, could be okay.
Could be the only words I need to say.