A sheep with a moustache?

the Movember logo
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Earlier this year a really good mate of mine came through prostate cancer. As y9ou can imagine there has been much celebration and thankfulness because of this. But there has also been some reflection and sobriety on the fact that in the UK alone, 10,000 men will not survive prostate cancer. Add to that the thousands who will sadly die from testicular cacner and you begin to see why something must be done.

In order to [help raise much needed funds](http://mobro.co/crimperman) I am growing a moustache.

Yes, a moustache.

Movember is an annual event where thousands of men around the world come together to celebrate the hairy top lip and – more importantly – to raise funds for men’s health charities. It’s called Movember because it takes place during the month of November (see what they did there?).

This year I am taking part and I will be keep you updated on the progress of my fine nostril warmer as the month progresses. I am asking you lovely people to sponsor me. You can do this online at this link.

Many thanks to those who already have sponsored me and to in advance to those who will. I hope to culitvate a moustache worthy of your sponsorship.