The Olympics are coming…

The Velodrome – CC:By EG Focus

### Work
I work in London. East London to be precise.

My journey into work covers about 13 miles and I do it by motorcycle.

My journey goes right past the Olympic park and as such most of it will be closed to me from mid July until the end of September. I will have to use an alternate route in along with everybody else.

### Home
I live just outside the border of Greater London. Eastern Greater London to be precise.

A journey into London by tube, bus or rail would require me to pass Stratford (where the Olympicsi/Paralympics are being hosted).

Some of my local country park has been commandeered for use an a temporary Army barracks (and I’m not sure I trust LOCOG to restore it properly afterwards).

Another region near where I live has a number of small hotels who are apparently reporting they are fully booked during the Olympic/Paralympics. So we’re going to have a lot of tourists about.

In short: it’s going to be very hard for me to avoid the Olympics this summer. My travel will be affected, my local area will be affected, my life will be affected.

### But…
So with all this in mind can I just say that I am pleased the Olympics/Paralympics are coming to London. I am looking forward to it. I have managed to get tickets for an Olympic event and some Paralympics ones for myself and my family but I was looking forward to the event regardless of whether I got tickets. I was celebrating when the games were awarded to London.

As I have seen the park develop I have gotten more excited. The Velodrome and Aquatic centre look magnificent and coupled with other new London buildings like the Shard (and slightly older ones like the Gherkin) I am excited for the way my home city is starting to look. I think the games coming to London are a good thing and I am glad they are coming.

Just saying.