If only, what if, perhaps.

“If only they could see the real me.
If only they knew what I was really like.
If only they could see through closed doors.
If only they saw me away from the public gaze.
Would they still be there?”


What if they do see the real me?
What if the me they know is not fake?
What if the “lie” is the truth?
What if what I think is the truth is actually a lie?
Am I really that good at hiding myself?

And then..

Perhaps I am the one being fooled.
Perhaps I let the door shut out their encouraging words.
Perhaps they’re not as easily fooled as it appears.
Perhaps they have the same fears about themselves.
Maybe we all worry too much about what each other thinks.

If only we all knew how much we care about each other.
What if we stopped worrying and started showing.
Perhaps we could make the world a little brighter.