Egyptian Christians stand by their Muslim friends

Photo of Egyptian Christians protecting Muslims
(c) Nevine Zaki

Dear Christians around the world: this is a photo of Egyptian Christians standing in a human chain around Muslims in order to protect them while they pray. It was taken by Nevine Zeki. If you want to send a message to Muslims around the world, how about more like this rather than threatening to burn the Qu’ran, calling them names or lumping them altogether. We often read of how Jesus associated with those who he was “not supposed to”. It seems the Christians in this picture are following the same pattern and I am proud to think that I am part of their family.

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  1. In the interests of fairness: I have found out that following the bombings on Churches at the end of last year, Egyptian muslims formed a human shield to protect Christians at mass earlier this year. It would seem that they are now regularly protecting each other.

    Flies in the face of the religion-always-causes-conflict argument a little, doesn’t it?

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