The mystery of blogging

My experiment in blogging is now …let’s see…163 days old and I have posted a grand total of nine posts (incuding this one).
Not what you’d call prolific is it?

I have to say that I find the concept of blogging intriguing. Most personal websites in the late 90’s consisted of minimal interest stuff like people’s cats or what they get up to at weekends. Come to think of it there’s a lot that are like that now. Blogging seems to be a way to manage that sort of content very well – the way you can add a new article without uploading etc. is great.

One “problem” I seem to have with blogging is that I just don’t get the time to add anything regularly. So my blogs are on average 18 days apart but in reality there’s three months between this and the previous one.

Is this a problem? I suppose not and it actually may suit my site quite well – particularly the writings section as I could add some musings at lunch from work without having to wait until I get home to ftp them. The idea of something more dynamic (to create as well as use) appeals to me.

So here we have a mystery.. blogging appeals to me, the format appears to suit at least one of my purposes. Yet I find it tedious and almost a drag at times. Why? I don’t know, it’s a mystery!