Reading matter

back after Christmas – been a bit quiet lately on the blog front but there you go…

I thought I’d note down – for posterity – what I am reading right now..

I was given a copy of the Bourne Trilogy by Robert Ludlum so I am currently working my way through them. I always had an interest in the spy/thriller books: Tom Clancy, Craig Thomas etc. But for some reason never got round to these. The recent films sparked my interest and so now I have the books. I’m on The Bourne Supremacy right now (2nd book) and I have to say that the films, though excellent in their own right, do no justice to the excellent story of the books. Much of the plot from the books seems to have been dropped with only a few character names remaining. There may be good reasons for this – for example when the first book was written Carlos the Jackal had not been caught so Ludlum could use him as a character – by the time the film was made , Carlos was behind bars and I guess to set the film in modern times and still include him would have been silly.

I’m an Open Source afficianado and always look for stuff that promotes freedom of use . Recently I cam across the [Creative Commons]( licence for publishing and through that I found [Cory Doctorow](’s books. I’ve read the first novel, [Down and Out in the magic kingdom]( and loved it. I’m now on the second novel, [Eastern Standard Tribe](, which is just as good. These novels are science fiction but not in the spaceships and aliens sense. They are set in the reachable future and Doctorow writes by seemingly taking aspects of today’s world and following them to a point in the future. The great thing about them is the licence. It means you can download them for free, pass them around, copy them and transfer them to any device or format you like. You can buy them and – this may seem odd – but the books sell really weel, even though he’s giving away the text as well. If you like sci-fi or even just a good story, get these books now.