My love

Along the road I struggle, stumbling to the ground.
My Love is there to help me, but I’m still looking down.
Slowly, to my feet I climb. Not noticing the hand
That takes my arm and lifts me up. Until, once more, I stand.
Ignorant, I stagger on. “I’ll do better!”, I proclaim.
My Love continues holding me, lest I should fall again.
I feel my burden slowing me. When I can be no weaker
I fall on my Love, and instantly my burden becomes lighter.

I hear a roar ahead now. Refreshed, I start to run.
Confident, I draw my sword. Declaring loud, “Begone!”.
The beast it waits and watches. As down the path I sprint
And as I reach it, shouting. Its’ companions hem me in.
Now I see my trouble is more than I can bear.
“Why have you forsaken me?” But my Love is standing there.
My Love’s fire, it protects me and I, gazing at the flame,
Go with my Love, who’s leading me, back the way He came.

Down the path we travel now, retreating from the deluge.
And my heart is lifted, as I look upon my refuge.
It somehow looks familiar, I’d seen this place before.
It’s the place I ran from, when I first heard the roar.
Once I rest within my Love, then I see the wisdom.
Had I stayed beside my Love, the hedge was my protection.
But even in my arrogance, when I had fled the fold,
My Love had gone there with me and of my hand, kept hold.

How is it mine, this Love then? What deed does it return?
How did I deserve it? How could it be earned?
The Word of God, it tells me, the price is not for me.
But can I faithfully accept that Love like this is free?
And Yet this Love is costly. The law demands a life.
Not mine, I know, because it needs the purest sacrifice.
The price is high and yet it’s paid. On a blood stained tree.
For reasons rarely understood. My Love’s life paid for me.

He knew I could not make it. He knew my hope grew thin.
He knew my past inheritance, that kept me far from Him.
And yet, He breathed His last for me and then He breathed the first.
So I could revel in His Love, my life now free from curse.
So I rejoice now, in My Love. And I’ll declare His Worth
“The Name that is above all names, the Joy of the whole earth.”
And as I call upon my Love ( for help comes from above ).
Know the truth is this, my friend. Jesus is my Love.