Lord, teach me to pray

Oh Lord will you teach me to pray?
Help me get close to You.
Feels like I’m just not getting there.
Don’t know what else to do.
Do You hear my feeble voice?
Is it worth me trying?
Am I doing something wrong?
Should I lament, start crying?
Is that it, do you want my tears?
Should I fast … again?
Should I say the Lord’s Prayer first?
Or maybe at the end?
What is it that I have to do?
To get an answer from You?
Just when’s the best time for You Lord?
Morning? Evening? Afternoon?

But then, what right have I to ask?
To present this shopping list?
When through the day I run my life,
To suit the things I wish.
Oh sure I’ve read my bible,
I say my piece each day.
But when I come to each crossroads,
I don’t ask You the way.
In searching for the plan to pray,
Perhaps all that I’ve done,
Is complicate what comes down to
A chat ‘tween Father and son.
Perhaps it’s not the order,
Or the words I use.
Maybe I just should just relax,
Enjoy my time with You.

“Hi Dad” I would say to You.
“Hello son, how’s the walk?”
“Not too good, I’m struggling”
“Come here, let’s sit and talk”
And maybe during our chat I’d mention my friend too,
She might want to be adopted?
She’d like a Dad like You.
Oh and while I’m here You know that job, the other day?
What d’you reckon I should do I mean – should I go that way?
Oh yes, let’s spend some time like that I really, really want to.
“Bye Dad, I’ll see you later”
“No son, I’m coming with you”