10 years on the web!

Although I’ve been using the Internet (in various forms)ing for a little longer, it has occurred to me that this years marks the tenth anniversary of my web presence in the form of websites.

Crimperman’s Christian Freebies started life in 1996 as a way to distribute my Christian desktop themes, other sites were added and around 5 years ago I merged them all into the site you see before you (obviously I’ve updated the content since then!).

Of course a lot has changed since then, in terms of the World wide web and me but some things remain the same. I’m still having the make sure my web pages can load on on dial-up connections for a start. It’s not that I expect everyone to pay for broadband if they don’t need it but I have to say that ten years ago I expected the basic connection speed would be a lot faster than 56k!