I’ll keep this as brief and succinct as I can:

What that means is that you are free to :

Just as long as you:

Your otherwise fair usage of these works is not inhibited and any of the above conditions can be waived by getting prior permission from me in writing. That means if you want to use something of mine in a newspaper or paid for site and don’t want to make the individual publication you use my work in available under the same terms, you must get my prior written permission.

If you want to use something in a commercial environment, send me an email stating what you want to use and I’ll get back to you. Note sending an email does not constitute you getting permission, it just lets me know you want to use something.

Cookies and privacy

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Previously, (a long time ago) stuff on this site was under a charityware licence. Whilst I feel the Creative Commons licence I now use gives you a greater (and more preferable, on my part) freedom, it does not mention charitable work at all.

I’m not doing this for any thanks (although words of encouragement are – well – encouraging) but I understand that sometimes people want to show their appreciation. If that includes you, then I encourage you to donate to a charity of your choice on my behalf.

Ryan Cartwright
January 2010 – last updated June 2017